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We are offering to our valued customers the best quality range of provides premier services include Gypsum board, Painting work, Civil Woks, Supply, Installation, Maintenance systems, Manpower Supply and General services as per your needs and the requirements. All the solutions which are providing by our company are available in various works. Tadweer places great emphasis on its relationship with clients, private or commercial

Our Service Area

Gypsum Works

  • Preliminary Works
    o Material Sample Submission
    o Sample Selection & Approvals
    o Material Sample Testing
  • Submission of shop drawings
    o Design revision
    o Final approval
  • Submission of method statement & programme.
    o Revision to integrate with main project programme.
    o Final approval
  • Site Inspection
    o Survey & leveling
    o Inspection and acceptance of backing structure
    o Site measurement and production if cutting sheet
    o Material handling
    o Pr- installation works
  • Installation Process
    o Actual starting dates of fixing : 10 days after arrival of material
    o Completion of installation by 6 months

Civil Works

Tadweer Group Civil work offering diverse construction services, including, but not limited to: heavy civil construction & infrastructure, general contracting, commercial and industrial facilities construction, site improvement & utilities projects. Civil Works has the capability to mobilize nationally and depending on requirements and opportunities.

Paint Works

TADWEER provides a high quality painting and decorating service to both residential and commercial clients. We carry out interior and exterior projects.
We do all aspects of specialist coatings and wall coverings. We have expertise in total project management which includes special paint effects, paper hanging and colour matching.

Manpower Supply

We have been supplying human resources for various categories 
from unskilled manual labour to highly skilled technicians, 
professionals and managerial fields who has found our recruitment
 services trustworthy and credible for their human resources needs. 
To support the company’s constant growth, new facilities are continuously 
being developed and implemented.