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We attract the ‘best of the best’ talent in the market, and we provide those who join us, a vast array of opportunities within our diverse business portfolio.

The success of our employees, is the success of our organization. We believe that the greater the investment in their development, the greater, stronger and more sustainable our businesses will be.

Our Job Categories available

  • Hospitality Industries: Waiters/ Waitress, Cooks, Housekeepers, Helpers and Cleaners.
  • Construction / Engineering: Labours, Masons, Helpers, Plumber, Welders, Electrician, Civil Engineers / Supervisors etc.
  • Sales and Marketing / Finance / Banking: Salesmen, Accounts, and Cashiers etc.
  • Oil, Power Gas and engineering: All types of Helpers / Workers / Labours and other ITI passed junior technicians etc.

Always welcome the industry experts