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We at Tadweer Trading Contracting & Services WLL © are reliable, quality work in all documents Clearances in All Government Ministries, Departments and more.. Our expertise and professionalism in legalizing all forms of businesses whether it is partnership or 100% business ownership and employees from A-Z procedures will ease everything and get rid you from any hassles and lead your businesses established in accordance with Qatar Law and make your employees legally permitted to work in Qatar accordingly. If you are looking to buy or rent any properties such Towers, Hotels, Suites, Apartments, Shopping Malls, Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Hospitals, Clinics, Schools, Commercial & Residential Lands, Villas, Buildings, Accommodation for Staffs and Labours in any area or any properties then we are the right contact for you. All properties are direct from the Owners. Direct from the Owners are always makes a difference.

Here are some services

  • Expert in A-Z legalizing Companies & Employees in Qatar including drafting partnerships agreement and Labour contracts and many more
  • Employment License for Companies/Recruitment Agencies – Health Cards for Employees
  • Expert in converting any Company Licenses into any company structures.
  • Expert in All Company License/Work Permits modifications, renewals, add activities,      converting company license and everything.
  •  Expert in PRO/Mandoob Services and Management (Per Piece, Monthly & Yearly)
  •  Expert in Approving Qatar Companies in Civil Defence.
  • Expert in Contractors/Company Classification for any contractors, constructions, real estate or any companies engage in buildings, roads, water, sewerage works and gardening works, electrical, cabling…more
  •  Vehicles registration, modification, renewals and related services.
  • Vehicle Inspection Assistance – Expert in all governmental works/ministries, departments and so on.
  • Provides VIP Local Sponsors.  VIP always makes a difference.
  • Auditing & Accounting Services
  • Feasibility Studies & Business Plans for any type of Businesses.
  •  Company Tax Card Registration and Company Tax Clearance
  •  Provides certified Local Lawyers and Legal Consultants to help you with any legal issues in Qatar. Qatar companies and Residents are welcome.
  •  Typing & Translation Services/ Typing Arabic Letters
  • Arrange Visas and Hotel Reservations
  • Photocopying and Binding Services.