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Man Power Supply

We have been supplying human resources for various categories from unskilled manual labour to highly skilled technicians, professionals and managerial fields who has found our recruitment services trustworthy and credible for their human resources needs. To support the company’s constant growth, new facilities are continuously being developed and implemented, enabling us to provide effective service to both clients and applicants.

In order to better understand your specific human requirements and expectations, we work closely with you by developing a dedicated team, with the exclusive task of examining each step in recruitment chain thus, implementing and maintaining standard operating procedures that will suit your specific needs.

  • Hospitality Industries: Waiters/ Waitress, Cooks, Housekeepers, Helpers and Cleaners.
  • Construction / Engineering: Labours, Masons, Helpers, Plumber, Welders, Electrician, Civil Engineers / Supervisors etc.
  • Sales and Marketing / Finance / Banking: Salesmen, Accounts, and Cashiers etc.
  • Oil, Power Gas and engineering: All types of Helpers / Workers / Labours and other ITI passed junior technicians etc.
  • Security Guards / Officers: We have our own training centre for security training also we can provide Ex-British Army, Ex-Indian Army, Ex-Nepal police who have excellent knowledge and experience in security jobs.
  • Unskilled Labours: All types of Labours and helpers for cleaning, maintenance, manufacturing or construction companies.